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shifts in perspective
there is another way

Under the heading “shifts in perspective”, we – the Wittenstein Foundation – consciously seek to tread new paths with the aim of interesting, motivating and inspiring as many people as possible. In contrast to the critical, rational, objective and strictly logical approach that is otherwise the norm, this series of events offers a variety of artistic possibilities enabling diverse perspectives – and resulting in enormous constructive potential.

first event:
flash of light or
total blackout?

Vince Ebert: Comedian, keynote speaker and TV host

The first event in the Wittenstein Foundation’s new “shifts in perspective” series took place on November 16, 2023 at the Great Kursaal in Bad Mergentheim. 


We were delighted to welcome Vince Ebert, the physicist and comedian who has been thrilling audiences of 1000+ with his stand-up shows for 20 years now. He is best known for his long-standing role as host of “Wissen vor Acht”, the German prime-time science show on ARD television. 

In the keynote on his SPIEGEL bestseller “Lichtblick statt Blackout” (Flash of light or total blackout?), everything revolves around the never-ending bad news on global warming, the energy crisis, the threat of blackouts and inflation. The impending apocalypse is a perennial topic. We’re desperate to save ourselves – if not the whole world – with more sustainability, more energy turnaround and less growth. But is it really five minutes to midnight? Or just twelve minutes to five? And how is Germany actually preparing for the future in the first place? Are we doing the wrong things for the right reasons? Or must traditional ways of thinking be completely overturned? Vince Ebert is convinced that our country’s most important resource is in our minds. Instead of anxiety about the future, appeals to “do without” and the rhetoric of doom, we need more courage, more openness to new technologies and more enthusiasm for progress.

Find here our press release.

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