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China’s rise– how can europe keep pace?

Fourth event in the Wittenstein Foundation’s “enter the future” series


Dr. Janka Oertel and Professor Sebastian Heilmann, two renowned Asia experts, will examine this question from different angles on April 27, 2022 and engage in an active discussion with the audience. The Wittenstein Foundation’s fourth “enter the future” event will once again be held in a hybrid format, taking place both at the TauberPhilharmonie in Weikersheim and simultaneously as a live stream. .

Even though China has lost some of its power recently as an engine of growth, it remains a huge, dynamic force of increasing global importance. For strong exporting countries like Germany, and especially for regions with a high concentration of world leaders like Hohenlohe Franconia, it is an undisputed market of opportunities – but also a daunting, complex challenge that must be engaged with shrewdly. Inspiration can be provided here by the event series initiated by Dr. Manfred Wittenstein at the end of 2020 to discuss current and future issues related to technology, nature and society which are of particular relevance not simply for humanity but for our local region too.

Dr. Janka Oertel, Director of the Asia Program at the European Council on Foreign Relations and author of numerous publications, for example on EU-China relations as well as Chinese foreign policy, and Professor Sebastian Heilmann, Chair Professor for Government and the Political Economy of China at the University of Trier and one of Europe’s most internationally distinguished experts on China, will give keynote speeches not only on economic, political and technological factors but also on the world order in general and differences between the underlying social models in particular. Each keynote will be followed by a discussion with the audience, facilitated by Benedikt Hofmann, Editor-in-Chief of MM MaschinenMarkt. All those attending – whether connected in a video conference or there in person – are invited to enrich the evening with their ideas, their thoughts and their contributions.

Register now free of charge

The fourth event in the “enter the future” series is open to the public at no cost. Interested persons can obtain admission tickets or access data as well as all further information on the event from Registrations will be accepted up until April 25, 2022.

“enter the future – Standpoints and ideas in dialog”

“enter the future” is a series of events launched in November 2020 with the aim of entering into a fruitful dialog with society on how resources can be safeguarded for future generations without jeopardizing prosperity and employment. Innovation and progress are key elements of a transformation process that must accurately mirror a whole series of interrelationships if it is to be successful. The purpose of the Wittenstein Foundation is to identify precisely these interrelationships and make a valuable contribution towards designing the essential transformation.


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Speakers: Dr. Janka Oertel (Director of the Asia Program at the European Council on Foreign Relations)

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Speakers: Professor Sebastian Heilmann (Chair Professor for Government and the Political Economy of China at the University of Trier)

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